Robots & Animals - Global collaborative art exhibition and technological awareness

Robots and Animals is a global, collaborative art project & exhibition that seeks to unify today’s developers of tomorrow’s technology, while remembering the essence of humanity through art.

We are at a pivotal crossroads of human history: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Extended Reality (XR), Bio-genetic engineering, and more, are seeping into our daily lives. Tomorrow's worlds will be run and enforced by autonomous machines... yet, who writes this code (and bias)? Presently, it's devised by humans, but we could be architecting a future without us: of Robots & Animals.


Global Art Exhibition & Competition

Submissions will soon open for depictions of the future based on the possible pathways of emerging technology - whether utopic, dystopic, or both. Any artistic medium is welcome

The worldwide Robots & Animals DAO-based community will vote on the most prolific pieces, to be added to various live and virtual exhibitions, including an exclusive end-of-year dynamic NFT collection. Selected artists will earn rewards from a prize pool dedicated 100% to artists! Everything is open source and transparent.


Developers & Founders

We welcome technological contributions and sponsorships by developers, founders and supporters, towards the Robots & Animals Treasury (for the Artist prize pool), and for deploying artist-centric systems designed to ease the creative lifestyle and activities of artists.


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